Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Drugs Post

This will be my last post about drugs for now, since I don't want this blog to become totally one-dimensional, in a week or something I'll post some more of that. Don't worry, I have other things to post in the mean time!

This one here is how much more of a drug you need to take to go from having an effective dose (enough to get high), to having a lethal dose (overdosing).

This next one I don't think is accurate, at all. Not only have I never heard of a marijuana related death reported, I have never heard of a marijuana related death period. Although, I could be wrong.

And for something a bit lighter:


  1. WOW, didn't know that LSD is also that harmless ! :O (kindoff)

  2. Yeah, Acid is a pretty clean drug. The problem with it is doing stupid things while tripping.

  3. lol @ tons of shitty techno on the ipod.